Dora's Big Birthday Adventure

from 2K Play


  • Dora Explore and Play Pad
  • Dora the Explorer Chair
  • Dora the Explorer Trace & Learn Projector
  • Dora the Explorer Dora Talking Backpack
  • Dora the Explorer Sweet Dreams Dora
  • Dora the Explorer Loot Bag Package
  • Dora the Explorer Explorer House
  • Dora the Explorer Isa's Flower Garden
  • Dora the Explorer Swimming Mermaid Dora
  • Dora the Explorer Ready To Explore Set


Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

What It Is

I haven’t been keeping tabs on Dora the Explorer’s expeditions, but judging by her latest video game, Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure, she has come a long, long way since searching for that Big Red Chicken in her original TV pilot.

In Big Birthday Adventure, it’s Dora’s birthday but Dora isn’t at her big bash. Instead, Dora and her talking monkey pal, Boots, are stuck in Wizzle World where they are running into giant sea snakes, a crazy witch flying around on her broom, dancing trees, flying monkeys and sad wizzles. It’s up to the player to help guide Dora through Wizzle World and get her home on time for the party. Spoiler alert, she makes it home on time for the party.

Kids will play through multiple levels and missions in a series of mini-games as they guide Dora and Boots through Wizzle World. The mini-games include a variety of challenges that utilize the DS’ touch screen, stylus and microphone in order to control the action. For example, one level features Dora and Boots in a side-scrolling style game where kids have to tap the screen up or down to guide Dora around or over obstacles.

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