Ben 10 Ultimate Alien AlterAlien Figures

from Bandai America


  • Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Mark 10 Deluxe Vehicle


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What It Is

AlterAlien Figures bring the transformation fun of Ben 10 to kids in a whole new way. These 2.5-inch figures transform into aliens right before kids' eyes. AlterAlien Figures are part of a collectible series that include different two-piece packs, such as Ben to Rath and Echo Echo to Ultimate Echo Echo. The figures look cool and modern with square heads that kids can open and rearrange to make the transformation complete. And with two transforming figures per pack, it's like getting four action figures in one!

These sets continue the alien constructing fun of Ben 10, at a lower price point. The pieces are collectible, and with each purchase, kids will have more aliens that they can create.