Ben 10 Alien Creation Chamber Laboratory

from Bandai America


  • Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Mark 10 Deluxe Vehicle


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What It Is

Ben 10 has always been about the creation and transformation of aliens, primarily the transformation of Ben Tennyson into different alien creatures. In the third incarnation of the popular Ben 10 series on Cartoon Network, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Ben has a new Ultimatrix that gives him the power to evolve into stronger and more powerful aliens, called Ultimate Forms. The Ben 10 Alien Creation Chamber Laboratory involves kids in creating their own aliens by mixing and matching pieces into literally millions of possible aliens.

Creating different aliens has been one of the most popular play patterns inspired by the Ben 10 brand. The original Alien Creation Chamber was a huge hit, and now the Alien Creation Chamber Laboratory continues to boost design and invention skills by allowing kids to create their own unique combination of aliens, while at the same time automating the process in a new and exciting way. Load the lab with multiple arms, legs, heads, and torsos. With a push of a few buttons, the pieces automatically come together to form all-new alien creations every time.

There's an element of "magic" in this toy, as the cool design means that the actual assembly of the alien is out of sight of the kids, but the anticipation of what may emerge is part of the fun.

This is a toy that will appeal to fans of the Ben 10 television series primarily, though the mixing and assembling of pieces is a classic play pattern that can stand on its own.