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What It Is

You don't know what you are until you start asking questions.

In the Hedbanz game, each player wears a headband. Each headband holds a card, which is visible to everyone in the room... except the person wearing it. No one knows what his or her own card says, so they must figure out if the cartoon on their head is an animal (parrot, hippo, etc.), food (hamburger, orange), or man-made object (bicycle, scissors). Be the first player to guess what you are before time runs out to win. Hedbanz includes 74 cartoon cards, 24 scoring chips, six headbands, a timer, and a rule sheet. It is for two to six players.

This is the classic game of "What Am I?" meets 20 Questions, meets deductive reasoning that has been around for years, but it never stops being fun. The gameplay is fast and the rules are easy to learn, and it's different every time it's played, largely depending on the age, sophistication and personalities of the players. All of this makes it a great game for the whole family to play together.