Tonka Garage Ricochet RC Vehicle

from Hasbro


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Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Get ready for ultimate stunt-driving excitement! The Ricochet R/C Vehicle is a double-sided stunt vehicle that can tackle virtually any terrain. The resilient R/C can flip and keep on going, offering an unstoppable driving style that allows kids to execute exciting stunts. Push a button to engage the machine's Monsterlift Suspension Technology and lift the vehicle into awesome monster truck mode. The R/C vehicle comes with a three-channel remote for steering control and a 9.6-volt battery charger. One 9.6-volt battery and one 9-volt battery are included. This R/C offers multiple ways to play, which makes it an attractive and value-packed R/C.

While the trend has been towards miniaturization in this category, this is a classic feature vehicle that delivers an impact that you can't get in miniature cars. We particularly like the ease with which it shifts modes, and the "wow" factor that only an R/C car of this scale can produce.

Note that the batteries are included, which is another trend, but which used to add $30 or more to the price of one of these toys.