StinkyKid Britt

from Madame Alexander



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What It Is

StinkyKids aren't stinky at all, but they are stinkin' cute! Created by mom Britt Menzies, the StinkyKids doll collection includes 12-inch plush dolls of 10 diverse characters that come with their own distinct personalities. The dolls will remind many of the Groovy Girls and other cloth dolls that have become popular in recent years. (The collection is named "StinkyKids" after the common nickname Menzies used for her kids: "little stinkers.") The characters are based on Menzies, her kids, and her friends, and kids will find the personalities of the StinkyKids relatable. They might even find a StinkyKid who is just like them!

StinkyKids live by the motto "Always Be a Leader of Good" as they learn to make the right choices, which encourage positive principles in children's lives. The dolls are cute, but whether or not they will really inspire kids to make better choices and learn through the stories of the dolls will also depend on parent interaction with their own kids and modeling strong behavior patterns. Nonetheless, we like the fact that in the stories the kids aren't trying to be perfect all the time.

Each doll comes with a trading card that lists his or her hobbies, favorite foods, favorite colors, etc. StinkyKids donates a percentage of its profits to Books, Bears, and Bonnets, Inc., a cancer-related charity founded by Menzies' mother.

The newest addition to the StinkyKids lineup is Britt. Britt's likes helping friends and family "work it out." She also enjoys coloring, making friendship bracelets, the color pink, and spaghetti and meatballs. More fun with Britt and the other StinkyKids can be found at While the line has grown in exposure and popularity over the past year, this is still going to be sold largely through specialty stores. The high quality of the dolls and the complete line are all attractively priced, however, and deliver good value.