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What It Is

Sure you know one Tom Hanks movie or one Tina Turner song. Maybe you know two books in the New Testament. But can you name five? Name 5 is the fun party game where players must name five things before time runs out.

Teams of two or three players each compete against one another. The team going first rolls the die and moves the team token the number of spaces rolled on the die. A player from that team picks a card and reads the Name 5 challenge corresponding to the color of the space on which the token has landed. Another member of the team starts the timer. The team then has 30 seconds to answer the Name 5 challenge. Team members may yell out answers as they think of them, so there will be a lot of yelling going in this game. (But make sure you only yell out answers when it's your team's turn. You don't want to get so excited that you help out the other team.) Keep track of all the answers, and if the team comes up with five answers, they roll again for another Name 5 challenge. If the team can't get five answers, it's the next team's turn. The team that moves their token to the Name 5 space in the center of the board and completes all the Name 5 challenges on one card in 90 seconds wins. Special spaces on the game board change up gameplay, such as the Double Down space, which means the team must choose two Name 5 challenges and answer them successfully in 30 seconds. The questions in this fast-paced party game may seem easy, but even if you know all the answers, how well do you perform under pressure?

This is a great new party game that is easy to learn, something you want to play again, and is different every time you play it. Best of all, since it draws on information you most likely already know, it's not intimidating. Truly, the challenging (and hilarious) part of this game is trying to get your mind to access information you already know under time pressure.