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Show love for the team or take dress-up and playtime in a new, imaginative direction with Fan Stamp. These easy-to-apply designs transfer 100-percent hypoallergenic, high-grade mineral makeup to the skin in seconds and can be applied multiple times. It's face painting and temporary tattoos made easier: place, press, and peel! There's no water needed or drying time necessary. And Fan Stamps easily wipe away, yet are water- and sweat-resistant, ensuring that the design stays in place when you want it and goes away when you're done. (Remove with oil-based make-up remover that is safe for the face and eye area. Maybelline makes a good one.)

While Fan Stamp first became popular among sports fans (the company produces a line of kits called Team Colors, as well as NCAA-licensed kits), it has expanded into the toy aisle with a variety of vibrant designs for both girls and boys.

The latest Fan Stamp kits feature favorite Disney characters. The Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell Instant Press-On Face Paint Kit comes in a two-pack and four-pack. The two-pack includes two designs, such as a twinkling Tinker Bell star and mystical vines. The four-pack adds two more designs to the bunch with a sparkling Tinker Bell in flight and glittery eye shadow. There are also two-packs and four-packs of Disney Princesses Ariel, Cinderella, and Snow White.

For boys, Disney/Pixar's Cars Instant Press-On Face Paint 4 Stamp Pack comes with Lightning McQueen, Mater, lightning bolts, and fierce tire tracks. Two-packs are also available. Blast off to infinity and beyond with the Disney/Pixar's Toy Story two-pack and four-pack kits. The 4 Stamp Kit includes portraits of Woody and Buzz, cowboy boots, and space rockets.

Fan Stamp gives kids a fun new way to play dress-up as their favorite Disney character. Whether wearing a Fan Stamp as part of a Halloween costume or through everyday play, Fan Stamps are easy to use, look cool, and open up a new dimension of play for kids.