Sam’s Remote

from Playmates Toys



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What It Is

Kids can now imagine themselves on set with iCarly! iCarly, a live-action show on Nickelodeon, follows the life of 13-year-old Carly Shay and her best friend Sam Puckett, who are the stars of the iCarly webshow. Capturing the humor and style portrayed on the TV show, Playmates Toys' new iCarly toy line includes electronic roleplay accessories so tech-savvy tweens can relive the fun of the show and create their own webshows.

Sam's Remote has been refreshed with new sounds and pink bling. This gadget is featured in almost every single iCarly episode and the toy version delivers authentic features from the show. There are new sounds (applause, booing, authentic Random Dancing sound clips, and wacky sound bytes) and new pink bling adhesives to customize the remote, if you're a little more girly than Sam.