Mastermind Animal Towers

from Pressman Toy

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  • Mastermind Animal Towers from Pressman Toy
  • We recommend this product for ages 6 and up

What It Is

Pressman Toy's classic Mastermind, the strategy game of making and breaking codes, goes vertical for kids with Mastermind Animal Towers. Players secretly stack their animals into a tower, and, just like in the original Mastermind, players must solve their opponent's code in as few turns as possible. To play, kids stack their tiles in a special tower. Players alternate turns trying to guess the order of the animals in the other player's tower by asking questions such as "Is your giraffe below your pig?" There are three levels of game play to entertain a variety of ages (6 and up is recommended) and help kids develop matching and logical thinking skills. This game is great for deductive reasoning, and the high quality of the towers and tiles make it both pleasing to play with and durable.
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