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What It Is

Creating family traditions around the holidays can be lots of fun—and make memories that last a lifetime. Elf Magic has come up with a concept designed that families can experience together. Intended to be more than just another decorative stuffed holiday toy, Elf Magic comes with a whole story and activity parents can introduce into their families.

Here's how it works: First, kids write a letter to Santa requesting an elf. Then, kids lure these 10-inch plush elves to their homes by leaving out crackers and water every night until the elf appears. (Why crackers and water? Well, as they explain, crackers sound like crunching snow and water is melted North Pole snowflakes. So that's cleared up.) At the time deemed appropriate by the parent, the Elf can magically appear in the home.

Each Elf Magic Elf comes with a poem that explains his or her visit, along with North Pole snowflakes that children sprinkle on the elf each night to bring it to life while they sleep. As the story goes, the elves embark on mysterious and unpredictable adventures, called "elfcapades". When the child wakes up to find that his elf hasn't returned to bed, the child has to find out what his or her elf has been up to overnight. On Christmas Day the elf returns to the North Pole, and kids look forward to the next year when their elf will return.

Of course, the elfcapades are only as good as the imaginations of Mom and Dad, who are the masterminds behind the whole Elf Magic experience. If you need inspiration, visit www.elf-magic.com and read about "elf sightings" (some of which even made local news broadcasts) and other elfcapades. Be aware, though, that the web site is largely promotional, and the "elfcapades" listed are not story starters but rather fans writing in with different things they've done with their elves.

For parents who are willing to invest the time and energy, this has potential to create stories and share them with kids and to create something that can last for several years. There is also Hanukkah Helper for Jewish families.