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  • Squinkies from Blip Toys
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  • We recommend this product for ages 4 and up

What It Is

What's squishy, squooshy, and squashy? Squinkies, a new collectible small doll line that comes packed in a surprise toy bubble. Pop open the bubble to find the Squinkies surprise inside. (These are reminiscent of the toy machines you see in the grocery stores where the toy comes packaged in a plastic ball.) Squishy to the touch, Squinkies dolls include kitties, puppies, babies, and froggies that are super cute and colorful—perfect collectibles for girls. There are hundreds of Squinkies to collect, trade, and share so girls can create their own world of Squinkies. Squinkies also double as pencil toppers!

Squinkies are available in 16-figure Suprize Inside Bubble Packs, which retail for about $6.99. Twelve figures will be encased in transparent bubbles clearly showing the particular figure inside, while the pack's remaining four figures will be packaged in frosted bubbles that conceal their content and offer an exciting element of surprise.

Other Squishies products include Share N Wear Jewelry Suprize kits, available in princess, fairy, and birthday, each with a charm bracelet, ring base, five collectible Squinkie figures, and six charm connectors to allow girls to create a bracelet and ring. Each retails for $4.99.

Jewel Case Suprize! cases, which retail for $6.99, come in four fun themes—seashell, purse, diamond, and crown—and open to reveal three Squinkies friends and pets themed to match its jewel case.

Gumball Surprize and Teapot Surprize playsets ($12.99 each) come with six Squinkies, while the Cupcake Surprize! Bake Shop and Gumball Surprize! Playhouse deluxe playsets ($21.99 each) come with nine Squinkies and additional themed accessories. As part of the dispenser play of the playsets, insert the special coin in the playset's slot, twist the dial, and watch Squinkies roll out. Each playset dispenser is large enough to hold several Squinkies inside their plastic toy bubbles.

There are a lot of collectible toys out there for boys, but girls also enjoy collecting and Squinkies brings that play pattern to girls in a way that girls want to play.


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