Tinker Bell Laptops

from Oregon Scientific, Inc.


  • Disney Fairies The Pirate Fairy Zarina's Pixie Pirate Dress
  • Disney Fairies Hopper
  • Disney Fairies The Pirate Fairy Tink's Pixie Party Dress
  • Disney Fairies The Pirate Fairy Tink's Bling Boutique
  • Disney Fairies Magically Flying Tinker Bell
  • Disney Fairies Pixie Party Rosetta
  • Disney Fairies Tink’s Pixie Camper
  • Disney Fairies Palm Tree Cove Rosetta’s Beach Buggy
  • Disney Fairies Palm Tree Cove Tink’s Pixie Paradise Pool
  • Disney Fairies Bubble Tink


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What It Is

Little fairies can join Tinker Bell on learning adventures with brand new Tinker Bell laptops from Oregon Scientific. The colorful laptops feature Tinker Bell graphics that girls will love, as well as a new way for little girls to interact with their favorite Disney fairy. Parents will enjoy the educational aspect of these laptops that lets girls have fun while learning.

These items combine lifestyle play featuring favorite characters with learning activities. Designed for even the youngest preschoolers who like to imitate what they see in the adult world, the different laptops have age-appropriate activities while being simple enough and well-designed for small hands. These are definitely toys, but they provide an appropriately realistic play experience for kids.

Tinker Bell leads girls ages 3 and up through eight enchanting games in the Tinker Bell Pixie Learning Laptop. This laptop includes a large LCD screen with side icons and fun audio to reinforce the material being taught. The A-Z keyboard reinforces alphabet familiarity, while the grayscale LCD screen provides guidance, feedback, and rewards as girls play. On top of the laptop is a fun, 3-D Tinker Bell graphic. The carry handle makes it easy to take the laptop anywhere.

For girls ages 5 and up, the Lenticular Learning Laptop's 80 action-filled activities engage girls and help develop fundamental skills. Game topics include alphabet, vocabulary, spelling, numbers, shapes, memory, music, and colors. This laptop has a QWERTY keyboard that mimics a real computer keyboard. The laptop itself also resembles a real laptop, something that little girls who want to be like mom and dad will appreciate. The LCD display has a backlight and the lid design features a holograph image of Tinker Bell and her Pixie Hollow fairy friends.