Glow Explosion Spin Magic

from Crayola



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What It Is

Set your artwork in motion with Glow Explosion Spin Magic. Spin Magic can be used in two ways—as a spinning mobile or as a rotating cylinder with silhouette effect that glows in the dark.

In mobile mode, insert the six stems and bend to different heights. Color in the cut-outs and clip to the stems. In cylinder mode, roll the white cone and insert it on the base. Roll the black shadow sheet and insert it on the outer grooves. The small black cut-outs have tabs to insert in the top of the cone.

Spin Magic comes with 10 Glow Sheets (eight are cylinder art, two are space- and travel-themed pop-outs for mobile mode), five shadow sheets for glow-through effects, stick-on shapes for silhouette effect, a battery-operated spin base, five Glow Explosion markers, and an activator marker. After kids decorate their creations, color over them with the activator marker, and the artwork will glow in the dark for up to four hours.