Mighty Beanz

from Spin Master



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What It Is

Mighty Beanz launched earlier this year and quickly became a very popular collectible toy among kids. Each Mighty Bean belongs to a specific Bean Team, and each Bean Team has a rarity level—common, rare, and ultra rare—to signify its collectible value. Mighty Beanz move using a wacky, unpredictable, and unique movement that makes them lots of fun to play with and watch. Not only can kids collect them, but they can also play games and race with Mighty Beanz. Now kids can collect all-new zany and eccentric characters, plus iconic Beanz featuring favorite Star Wars and Marvel characters.

Add favorite superheroes or Star Wars characters to your Beanz collection with the Mighty Beanz 4 pack Marvel Assortment and Star Wars Assortment ($4.99 each). There are 60 to collect in each assortment.

Store more than 40 Beanz in the Marvel Tin or Star Wars Tin ($19.99 each). Both tins come with two exclusive Beanz.

Regular Mighty Beanz are available in three-packs ($2.99) and six-packs ($4.99).