TRON: Legacy

from Spin Master



Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

In 1982, TRON featured cutting-edge, futuristic sci-fi action. Almost 30 years later, Disney's TRON: Legacy will hit theaters (December 17, 2010) and Spin Master has set out to create a cutting edge and dynamic boys' action toy line. Capturing TRON's iconic essence and imagery, and by integrating the dark finishes, neon lights, cyber aesthetic, and sounds from the new film, the TRON: Legacy toy line will immerse kids and adults alike. These toys bring the characters and themes to life through sleek design, eye-popping technology, and endless opportunities for active play.

The toy line features action figures and vehicles. Each 7.5-inch TRON Deluxe Figure ($14.99) features light-up body stylings, Impulse Projection Technology that lights up life-like images of the character faces, and quotes from the movie in each character's voice. Each comes with a different accessory.

Bring Sam Flynn to life with the TRON 12-inch Ultimate Sam Flynn Figure ($39.99). This figures also features Impulse Projection Technology, a light-up body, movie quotes in Sam's voice, and tons of weapon accessories.

TRON Core Vehicles ($14.99) are detailed replica vehicles that light up when a TRON action figure is placed inside. The Light Cycle and the 1-Man Light Jet both come with an action figure. The 1-Man Light Jet comes with projectiles.

TRON Deluxe Vehicles ($19.99) include the Deluxe Light Cycle and the Deluxe Light Runner. The Light Cycle becomes part of the rider when it is activated by the action figure. With launching projectiles, tri-color light changes, pop-up air brakes, and gravity tilt sounds, kids will feel like they're part of the movie action. The Light Runner features pop-up blasters instead of air brakes.

Ride as Sam Flynn or TRON's ruler Clu on the TRON Zero Gravity Light Cycles ($34.99). These features six-foot light-emitting trails. Utilizing Spin Master's Air Hogs R/C technology, kids can drive the Light Cycles on the walls or even upside down! (These are recommended for ages 8 and up.)