Liv It’s My Nature

from Spin Master


  • Liv Color Change dolls


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What It Is

The Liv girls are going camping and girls can join in the fun with the It's My Nature line of dolls and playsets. With gorgeous fully detailed, layered clothing, the Liv girls will be ready for the great outdoors—or girls' backyards.

Each doll—Hayden, Sophie, Katie, Alexis, and Daniela—comes with fashion and accessories that suit their unique personality. Hayden, the animal lover, comes with a butterfly net. Daniela, the music lover, comes with a guitar.

Also in the line is a horse called Nutmeg. The Liv girls can learn to horseback ride, take care of Nutmeg, and do the horse's hair with the included accessories.

The Liv girls also have their very own lodge on their camping trip. The Eco-Lodge Playset comes with a full kitchen, hammock, and light-up campfire. There are tons of accessories that make the camping experience complete, including a sleeping bag, two skewers, two pots, two plates, silverware, a bowl, two mugs, a coffeepot, two tree stump chairs, a table, and a camera.