Hyper Dash Extreme

from Wild Planet



Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

When Wild Planet asked kids, teachers, and parents what they loved most about Hyper Dash, the responses included everything from "running around" to "making math fun" and "playing as a family." Without sacrificing any elements that made the original Hyper Dash successful, Wild Planet redesigned the game to be more active, more educational, and more appealing to families with kids of different ages.

Hyper Dash Extreme has more games and more math than its predecessor, but the major enhancement is the upgrade from static to moving targets. The game's radically redesigned electronic handheld tagger picks up targets and pops them back out every time a new target is tagged. The game layout changes continuously as targets land in new locations and players scramble to find them.

The tagger houses a microchip that recognizes each target and calls out the next one to tag. It tracks the amount of time each player takes to complete his or her course and declares the winner at the end of the game. Kids can play solo and try to beat their best time, or competitively against up to five family members or friends.

In beginning levels, players tag targets that match the color or number called out. Players who tag the correct targets automatically advance to more challenging double digit, reverse order, and sequencing commands. At higher levels, players have to tag the sum or difference of two numbers or all the targets in ascending or descending numerical order. The game adjusts the call-outs to match the players' progress. Players have the option to start their game at any of the four levels, assuring they are always challenged and entertained, and never stand still for long.

In addition to the main game, there are three other games within Hyper Dash Extreme. For older kids, there is Mathema Dash, an all-math game that focuses on addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Younger kids can learn their colors and numbers by playing Freestyle Dash and tagging any target, then hearing the name of the color or number they tagged. Quick Dash is a fast-paced game of counting and speed skills.

Whether played indoors or outdoors, all the games within Hyper Dash Extreme require thinking, moving, listening, and learning, and offer extreme new ways to have fun.