Flipper Frenzy

from Wild Planet



Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Wild Planet keeps preschoolers on their feet with Flipper Frenzy, part of the Smart Step Games brand. This fast-paced preschool game promotes movement and coordination and helps kids practice early learning skills, including letters, colors, and more.

Flipper Frenzy is an indoor/outdoor game that features four friendly sea creatures (a seahorse, turtle, octopus, and fish) and an electronic handheld scoop shaped like a smiling shark. Spread the animals out around the room, house, or yard. The more distance between the animals, the more movement and exercise kids will receive.

The shark calls out characteristics of the animals and players run to scoop up the corresponding creature. In early levels of the game, the shark calls out the first letter and the name of the animal to catch—"S is for Seahorse." As the game progresses, commands become more challenging—"Who is green?" "Who has eight legs?" "Who has fins?"

Once kids scoop up the creature, it remains inside the scoop until the player releases it to pick up the next animal. The layout of the game changes with each new call-out as one sea creature is released from the shark before a new one gets stowed away.

The shark houses a microchip that uses Radio Frequency Identification to recognize the different animals. The shark keeps track of the amount of time taken to complete each series of call-outs and catches. Kids can play by themselves and try to beat their best time, or they can play in group mode (with up to six players) and work cooperatively toward a record-breaking shared score.

In addition to the main game, Flipper Frenzy also has a hide-and-seek game and a listening game called Sharky Says. Each game requires physical exertion that aids in the development of large and small muscle groups while improving coordination and motor skills. This is a classic game that really is enhanced by the technology. Its basically simple gameplay will keep kids engaged and wanting to play again and again.

All the animals fit securely into the scoop for easy transportation. This portable game is a great outlet for preschoolers to expend pent-up energy while simultaneously improving their listening and cognitive skills.