Security Scanner

from Wild Planet

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Product Information

  • Security Scanner from Wild Planet
  • Part of the Spy Gear brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 6 and up

What It Is

Young secret agents can now protect headquarters with the Security Scanner, part of Wild Planet's Spy Gear line. This handheld metal detector mimics those used by Transportation Security Administration officials at airports. To ensure visitors aren't hiding any metal objects (such as cameras or microphones), screen them before they enter your room. The scanner will beep and a bright red LED light will shine if someone is trying to smuggle metal into your space. For extra security, scan them on their way out to make sure none of your precious metals disappear.

This is a great roleplay toy that marries technology with a classic play pattern. However, it's probably not a good idea to check out mom or dad when they've just come from the airport.

Wild Planet consistently adds products to its Spy Gear line that are innovative and fun. Great for the imagination, and affordable for parents' wallets, the Spy Gear line gives kids a taste of a real spy experience.


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