Spy Video TRAKR

from Wild Planet


Product Information

  • Spy Video TRAKR from Wild Planet
  • Part of the Spy Gear brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 8 and up

What It Is

The newest gadget in Wild Planet's Spy Gear line is the ultimate must-have for undercover kids. The Spy Video TRAKR is a remote-controlled vehicle that digitally transmits color video, audio, and data, and enables users to download, build, and share custom programs/apps for free.

Like the iPhone and other app-powered consumer electronics, the Spy Video TRAKR will have the ability to perform its main function right out of the box. Kids will be able to see and hear what's going on in remote places via the full-color LCD screen and speaker on the handheld controller.

The Spy Video TRAKR comes with three programs already installed: Night Vision using infrared imaging, Cyborg Vision with real-time data, and Path Mapper to record and retrace routes. A collection of free apps will be available online, giving users instant access to a wide variety of programs that combine viewing, listening, recording, voice throwing, motion detection, and more. New apps will be posted on a designated website for others to access, at no charge, from all over the world.

Extra features include an SD card slot, giving the TRAKR recording capabilities; an integrated speaker and microphone, equipping the vehicle to relay audio messages with the push of a button; and app-building options, giving kids the power to program.

Though the programming potential for the Spy Video TRAKR is unlimited, non-programmers can perform many missions and enjoy the vehicle without ever hooking it up to a computer. The TRAKR appeals to all levels of "spies."

The price point may be on the high end, but the TRAKR offers quality and tons of play value, whether it's being used as a spy car with camera or converted into a fully customizable robot. In fact, when you really play with this and see how versatile it is and the quality of what it can do, you may realize that this is not so much a toy as a consumer electronics product. It's ideal for kids (and adults) who are tech hobbyists, at the same time being engrossing and fun right out of the box.


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