Kid-Tough Video Camera

from Fisher-Price


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  • Kid-Tough Video Camera
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What It Is

Anything moms and dads own kids inevitably want. From cell phones to cameras, kids want to be just like mom and dad. Fisher-Price's Kid-Tough line has been bringing kid-friendly versions of adult gadgets to preschoolers for a few years now and the line just keeps expanding. The latest is the Kid-Tough Video Camera—a real video camera with the added benefit of being tough enough and easy enough for preschoolers to use. No matter how many times a kid drops it, this video camera will survive. Simple controls (no reading required) and large buttons make this camera preschooler-friendly. The camera features a 1.5-inch color LCD preview screen so kids can instantly play back the videos they've taken. There are also sturdy rubberized dual-handle grips and built-in memory for storing up to five minutes of video. An SD card slot allows for more storage. The Video Camera includes a TV out jack, USB cable for computer connection, and simple software that makes it easy to get the pictures from the video camera to the computer with just one click. Videos can also be downloaded into any video program. The camera comes in two colors: pink and blue. It requires four AA batteries, which are not included.