Laugh & Learn Learn & Move Music Station

from Fisher-Price


Product Information

  • Laugh & Learn Learn & Move Music Station from Fisher-Price
  • Part of the Laugh & Learn brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 9 months and up

What It Is

Get moving and learning with the Learn & Move Music Station! This interactive musical toy connects to the TV and features on-screen characters for kids to interact with. There are two levels of play. Level 1 is for 9 months and up. Level 2 is for 18 months and up. There are five worlds for baby to explore in each level. Baby's every interaction with the Music Station activates animation, music, and learning right on the TV. In all five worlds and both levels, baby is encouraged to be active while playing along to a wide variety of musical genres. Mom chooses the world and level where baby will play by navigating menus on the TV screen with the included IR device. (The Music Station can also be used without a TV.) There are two modes of play—Learning and Music—where baby can explore real instrument sounds and learn about colors, counting, animals, greetings, and more. The Music Station is a great toy for mommy and baby time (or daddy and baby time), as mom helps navigate the play for baby. The Music Station comes with more than 50 songs. It requires three AA batteries for the piano unit and three C batteries for the base, which are not included.


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