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What It Is

Penbo is an adorable interactive and waddling penguin that comes with a surprise—she lays an egg! When the egg is opened, out comes Bebe, a tiny baby penguin that will chirp and communicate with its mother. Penbo listens to Bebe and responds in her own Penguish language! Given the play pattern, this is a robot that's designed primarily with girls in mind. When girls place Bebe in Penbo's pouch, the two penguins sing to one another while the mom dances. Penbo responds to touch with blinking eyes, flapping wings, and cooing sounds. There are five fun games, including tag, hide and seek, and peek-a-boo, that girls can play with Penbo and Bebe.

At nearly $60, this is an investment toy, but the combination of robotics, nurturing, interactivity and great design will make it worth it for kids who are intrigued by the play features. There have been several other similar products in the past, but Penbo is sophisticated and well-designed, which can make it definitely worth the money. At the end of the day, however, it's about the play, and girls will love the interaction they have with Penbo—and moms and dads will think it's pretty cool, too. This lovable penguin may be a robot, but she's the perfect companion for little girls to nurture. Penbo requires six AA batteries and two LR44 button batteries, which are all included.