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What It Is

Not your typical primate, Prime-8 is the ultimate robotic playmate whose design was inspired by the way real boys play. Using innovative robotic biped technology, Prime-8 is a fast, powerful, and fun gorilla robot with a strong personality. Prime-8 has Good Gorilla, Gone Bananas, and Guard personalities. Triggered by clapping or loud noises, Prime-8's personality radically transforms from a friendly, funny gorilla with blue eyes into his Gone Bananas personality, beating the floor and roaring from the top of his lungs, with circuits crackling and furious red eyes! When Prime-8 is in his Guard personality, he protects his owner and his owner's bedroom by firing rubber-tipped safety rockets at intruders, such as mom, dad, or a little sister.

Prime-8 also has three modes of play. In autonomous mode, Prime-8 wanders around his environment, exploring and sniffing furniture. In programmable mode, boys can program Prime-8 to perform 10 actions. In remote control mode, boys get to make Prime-8 run on his arms! There's a lot of technology going on with this robot, but Prime-8 is easy to use and fun to interact with. At nearly $80, this is an investment toy, but you're paying for some outstanding technology and it's definitely worth it for kids who are into tech and robots. Boys will love the speed and power of this fast-paced robot and showing off Prime-8's eye-catching, edgy design to all of their friends. Prime-8 requires eight AA batteries and three AAA batteries, which are not included.