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What It Is

Is it real wood? No, it's Real Construction! Jakks Pacific's new Real Construction line is an innovative new product that reinvents construction play by using Kid Wood, a durable foam material that looks, saws, nails, and builds just like real wood. Real Construction Kid Wood allows kids to build whatever they can imagine, but is very safe and easy to use with little cleanup required. What's remarkable about this product is how realistic it feels to little kids. They have the satisfaction of feeling like they're really sawing or nailing as they work with the materials, yet it's not frustrating for them. Mistakes are easily corrected, and kids will get the reward of feeling like they've really done this themselves.

Real Construction playsets come with cool, safe, easy-to-use tools that work just like real tools to help kids develop and learn practical construction skill sets, craftsmanship, creativity, and pride of accomplishment. Designed for kids 5 and up, Real Construction allows kids to build whatever they want.

The Real Construction Deluxe Tool Set includes a whole tool set—a saw, hammer, screwdriver, hole borer, small detail saw, nails and screws, multiple pieces of Kid Wood material, and an instructional project book featuring two projects. There are more than 120 pieces in this set to get kids started building, and it's only $24.99.

Additional sets in the line include the Starter Tool Set ($9.99) that includes a small hammer, saw, nails, Kid Wood material, and an instructional project book featuring six different projects. The Tool Belt Set ($14.99) includes a belt to carry all the tools. The Fasteners Pack ($9.99) comes with screws, nails, and hinges. Kid Wood refill packs are also available for $5.99 each.