Toy Story Mania

from Jakks Pacific

Product Information

What It Is

Step right up and join in the arcade fun with Toy Story Mania! Based on the popular theme park ride, Toy Story Mania is a plug-and-play game that connects to the TV and brings the excitement of the ride right into your living room. Part of the popular TV Games line, the unit is self-contained and does not require an additional gaming console.

In the game, Andy's toys have set up their own carnival and you're invited to aim, shoot, pop, toss, and blast your way across a number of fun arcade style games. Toy Story Mania includes all five levels from the theme park attraction, as well as favorite friends, such as Woody, Buzz, the Little Green Men, and more. With a precision aim & shoot system in the controller, gamers young and old can all have a blast.

Even if you've never been on the ride, if you're a fan—new or old—of the Toy Story movies, this game is a great way to interact with favorite toy characters.


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