Advent Calendar Dragon’s Land

from Playmobil


Product Information

  • Advent Calendar Dragon’s Land from Playmobil
  • We recommend this product for ages 4 and up

What It Is

Germany's most popular toy advent calendar has a new design and theme for the 2010 holiday season. Parents are able to set up the Dragon's Land-themed cardboard background for the playtime scene in just a few easy steps and then fill the pre-Christmas lineup. The 24 Playmobil surprises providing day-by-day fun can now be found behind the little opening doors. The Dragon's Land Advent Calendar creates a striking knights setting with a dragon breathing red fire, two knights on horseback, a catapult, and plenty of exciting accessories.

These are very popular every year and tend to sell out quickly. Be sure to shop early and pick it up when you see it if you're thinking of getting it.

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