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Go beyond traditional gameplay with a new line of games that you build from Hasbro. U-Build games allow kids to customize some of their favorite games, creating a unique experience each time they are played. Based on popular Hasbro games, including Battleship, Connect 4, Mouse Trap, Monopoly, and Sorry!, players control the action during the game by moving brick-based pieces to different locations around the game board. Kids will have hours of fun constructing, knocking down, and rebuilding these ever-changing games.

The U-Build Battleship game allows players to construct and customize battleships, from Aircraft Carriers to Destroyers, adding an arsenal of their choice to sink the "enemy's" ships first. In U-Build Connect 4, players build a grid using snap-in U-Build bricks, and use moveable bumper bricks to sink four checkers in a row or block an opponent from scoring. In the U-Build Mouse Trap Game, players add U-Build cheese bricks to the game board and launch their marble mouse around the game board in order to collect the most pieces of cheese. U-Build Monopoly lets players customize their game board using property spaces that snap together. Choose the Starter Track for a 30-minute game or the Classic Track for longer-lasting fun. (The Pro and Freestyle tracks offer even more challenge.) And with U-Build Sorry!, players build the game board into a maze of U-Build bricks. It's a race to move all pawns back to home, breaking down and building up brick walls along the way. The games are for two to four players.


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