Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers

from Atari


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What It Is

What It Is

Parents and adults with young sports-gamers in their homes are probably familiar with the Backyard Sports line of DS and Wii games. Backyard Sports is one of the best selling kids’ sports video game series that features popular sports games, such as baseball, for kids. These games have increasingly added new features, power-ups and objectives that turned the series into a game on par with sports franchise games for adults. Recent Backyard Sports baseball games have played up the MLB license with popular major league players from today as well as past heroes of the sport. Unfortunately, the games were starting too look too much like teen and adult baseball games and the Backyard Series looked like it was headed for a 7th inning yawn. So Atari took a page from Hollywood’s play book and treated the series to a reboot with a totally new Backyard Sports game, Sandlot Sluggers!

Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers, takes the baseball game back to the basics that made the earliest versions of the game so much fun by returning the ball game to the back yard. Players join a diverse group of kids and play ball in one of eight interactive fields, each of which is themed to match one of the game characters.

Sandlot Sluggers is a baseball video game that utilizes the Wii-Remote. Pitchers use the Wii-Remote to throw the ball across the plate with the ability to throw a Fast, Curve or Screw Ball simply by pressing the “A” or “B” buttons. It’s up to the batter to swing the Wii-Remote at the right moment to connect with the ball—just like the real sport of baseball. Once a player is on a base, both players use the “+” on the Wii-Remote to steal or stop a player from stealing a base. The whole control system is highly intuitive and makes this a fun game that anyone can quickly pick up and play.

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