Picross 3D

from Nintendo


  • Nintendo 2DS


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What It Is

What It Is

Puzzle playing people are probably pretty familiar with the game Picross, an international hit for the DS from 2007. The Picross puzzle parade (sorry, I’ll stop with the alliterations) is back with Picross 3D, a collection of brain-teasing multi-dimensional puzzles. A Picross puzzle is a block of cubes with either numbers, circled numbers or nothing at all on them. The puzzle block conceals a hidden object that the player must reveal by figuring out which cubes to keep and which to break away using the numbers as a guide. For example, if a row of five blocks is marked with a 4, one of those blocks has to be eliminated. The puzzle is figuring out which one to get rid of, which you deduce based on the numbers or lack of numbers on the other blocks.

The 3D element of Picross 3D isn’t a gimmicky, jump-out-of-the-screen effect. It means that the cube-based puzzles can be rotated and flipped so that all sides--front, back, top, bottom, left and right--are part of the puzzle. The puzzles look similar to Sudoku puzzles but they are not perfect squares. They could have any number of vertical columns with horizontal rows that can be turned to reveal that each row has another one behind it.

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