Iron Man 2 toys

from MEGA Bloks



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What It Is

Tony Stark and his alter ego Iron Man are back to take on the bad guys in the new Iron Man 2, hitting theaters May 7, 2010. After seeing the action on the big-screen, or even if they feel the excitement surrounding the movie, kids will be clamoring to bring Iron Man home. With new Iron Man 2 toys from MEGA Brands, the world of Iron Man is brought to life.

The 170-piece Hall of Armor is a buildable playset where Tony Stark keeps his armor designs safe. There is a building and repair area complete with multidirectional repair arm run by Tony's faithful computer Jarvis. The playset also features fly-by-wire flying action, a new construction toy breakthrough that makes it look like the figures are really flying. Attach one end of the dual-fly cords to any pronged or attachable point using the mini lasso. Next, pull the dual-fly cords away from each other. The simple action allows the included armors to look like they're really flying! Take flight battles to the top of the Hall and pull the lever to activate the trap door, sending Iron Man's enemies falling to their defeat. It retails for about $29.99.

Cool vehicle construction playsets include the Iron Man 2 Whiplash Showdown ($19.99), Battle Damage Mark III Jet-Boat Pursuit ($9.99), and WarMachine Chopper Escape ($9.99). Kids can build the vehicles and then put them into action!

There are also buildable action figures featuring different Iron Man armor. The Tri-Armor Iron Man ($19.99), the Mark IV Techbot ($14.99), WarMachine Techbot ($14.99), Mark IV Metalon ($9.99), and WarMachine Metalon ($9.99) sets offer interchangeable parts so kids can create armor like from the movies or their own custom armor!

And for just $5.99, two Iron Man 2 playsets offer big fun. The Mark IV Aerial Attack and Ground Assault Drone Aerial Attack are 37-piece buildable playsets that feature fly-by-wire flying action.