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What It Is

The next big thing in the world of Zhu Zhu Pets is here-Kung Zhu! Zhu Zhu Pets, the interactive, plush, artificially intelligent hamsters that were so popular last year, have earned their black belts and will reveal their fast-as-lightning skills in a new lineup of toys with a level of action and excitement that appeals specifically to boys.

These new "battle" hamsters combine the whimsical, mild-mannered fun of the original Zhu Zhu Pets, but now they have elements of power and conflict that add new dimensions of fun. Boys will use their imaginations to create battles and other adventure scenarios pitting the good hamsters (Ninja Hamsters, the Delta Forces, the Rangers, and the Dragon Tribe) against the bad hamsters (the Bad Skull Tribe).

Adding to the fun is Kung Zhu battle gear, vehicles, and training arenas. These accessories (each sold separately) work together to build a custom hamster habitat that is ready for action. Kids can build, change, and rearrange to make their own Kung Zhu battle arena where the hamsters square off wearing their unique armored suits. Plus, built into the playsets are game-changing elements that turn mild-mannered pets into battle-ready combatants. Kids can build further upon their Kung Zhu world with a headquarters, mission control, and training ground for the Special Forces team, and a training ground, snake pit, and dojo base for the Ninja Warriors. Other accessories include a combat bridge, y-turn, u-turn, hammer, missile attack tower, wheel of fire, and armored tanks.

You may have to be a 6-plus boy to understand why cute hamsters that can become furry warriors is so appealing, but take our word for it, they are. This is a fun and comprehensive new line that engages boys on many imaginative levels and delivers consistently strong play value.