Big Bug Magnifying Jar

from Insect Lore



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What It Is

Catch 'em and keep an eye on 'em! Kids are fascinated by catching and watching bugs, but sometimes they can be a little, well, creeped out by them. So how does a kid get close and at the same time maintain a "scientific distance"? (Which is another way of saying doesn't have the bug crawling on them, which is "icky.")

For the budding entymologist, or just plain curious kids, the Big Bug Magnifying Jar is just what they need to get up close and personal with the sometimes scary, always fascinating creatures. The shatterproof jar habitat keeps bugs safe while kids look through the 3x-magnifier lid for super bug viewing. The giant lens is scratch-resistant, and housed in a decorative lid that is kid-hand grippable and twistable. A tote handle makes carrying the jar easy-perfect for insect excursions. Kids will have to get their hands a little dirty in order to catch the bugs, but they'll really enjoy observing the live bugs under the magnifier lid. It's a microscope and bug habitat in one!

For the youngest kids, parents will want to supervise the kids and provide specific guidance about what bugs are and aren't appropriate for this type of play. In other words, ladybugs, yes; bees and wasps, probably not.