Air Hogs Titan

from Spin Master


Product Information

  • Air Hogs Titan from Spin Master
  • Part of the Air Hogs brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 5 and up

What It Is

This is a giant-sized version of the classic glider. Built of compressed foam, the pieces slip together easily. When fully constructed, it has a four-foot wingspan, but it's light enough for small kids to play with it easily. Take it outside and give it a launch. The glider flies up to 150 feet and makes quite an impressive sight.

The foam, of course, is vulnerable to dings and dents, but that won't affect the flying in the slightest. Even if a piece of the plane comes off, a little tape or a drop of glue fixes it up again.

This is great play that kids of all ages will enjoy together. There's a bit of learning involved to adjust the wings and tail to get the glider to do stunts and tricks, but that's part of the play.

Be sure you have a nice open space to play without a lot of trees or other obstacles around. (An empty football field is great, and where we tried this out.) The one thing you'll have to be aware of, though, is that when you take this out, it's bound to draw a crowd of folks who are all going to want a turn.

Not bad for about $10.


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