Sole Skate

from Razor


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Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

The Sole Skate is like nothing you've ever seen before! It's virtually the size of a shoe and, measuring just 9x17 inches and weighing 2.5 pounds, it can fit in a backpack-perfect for on-the-go fun! It features a unique three-wheeled, single skate design to offer maximum mobility. The Sole Skate is kind of like a sleek, lightweight skateboard, but unlike a skateboard, the low-profile deck sits flush with the axis so it offers a more fluid pushing movement for the rider. The two front polyurethane wheels are on a single pivot axle for easy carving.

The Sole Skate has a weight limit of 220 pounds. It is available in blue, green, and white. When riding the Sole Skate, safety equipment, such as a helmet and elbow and kneepads, is recommended.

Young children should always be supervised when they're on this kind of ride and should be carefully instructed in how to work them.