Banzai Yo-Be

from Toy Quest


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  • Banzai Aqua Tech Transmorpher


Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

The yo-yo and Frisbee are classics, and now ToyQuest has combined these two classic toys to create a unique new toy-the Yo-Be. Essentially, it's a flying disk attached to an elastic cord. Fling it like a Frisbee, and it comes back to you like a yo-yo!

Kids can play with Yo-Be like a simple sling-and-toss toy or challenge themselves by performing more sophisticated tricks. Yo-Be's aerodynamic design creates high-flying action, while the tethered elastic cord introduces a new dimension of control over aerobatic movement. However, we wish the cord were a little longer because controlling it isn't very easy and it snaps back erratically, which makes the tricks hard to master.

In fact, the time it takes to become adept at playing with this can be frustrating, and it won't appeal to every kid. There's a lot of trial and error involved with trying to do tricks, and some kids will abandon this quickly. For those kids, a Frisbee and/or a yo-yo might be a better choice. Moreover, because this toy is designed for solo play, it's not as much fun for a group, unless each kid has one.

This is definitely a clever concept, and there's every reason to assume that a kid who gets good at it will have great bragging rights, but a kid who knows how to throw a Frisbee like a boomerang will have a more satisfying, if less diverse, play experience.