Around We Go!

from Bright Starts

Product Information

  • Around We Go! from Bright Starts
  • We recommend this product for ages 0.3 and up

What It Is

Bright Starts' Around We Go! has been designed to be appropriate for children from their infant years to early toddler stages. The price is an investment, but the sturdy construction and variety of activities may make it worth the price.

The seat, which holds up to 25 pounds, rotates 360 degrees, allowing babies to walk around the play table. But the seat also easily removes so that toddlers can use the set as a play table.

The play table itself features a piano station with three play modes. Use the flip book to activate melodies, silly sounds, and a piano. The action/reaction station includes a bead chaser, "popping" characters, and a bug spinner with sliding frog. Other toys include a frog popper, spinner ball, ratcheting bee stalk toy, a mirror station, and teethable dragonfly and butterfly stalks. The activities are relevant for children over time, keeping them engaged and active in the play. Best of all, the toy tray can be removed for easy cleaning.


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