Loaded Questions

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What It Is

What would you title your autobiography? How many minutes does it take you to get ready in the morning? What one word best describes your life? These are Loaded Questions, and they have no right or wrong answers.

If you're looking for a fun adult party game that everyone can play at the same level, this is it! The questions will evoke laughter, spark discussion, and have you reminiscing about things you hadn't thought about in years.

The four question categories are:

  • Hypotheticals
  • Anything Goes
  • No-Brainers
  • Personals

The question might be:

  • If you could change one event in the course of world history, what would it be?
  • What is your favorite brand of deodorant?

On each round, one player is the roller who pulls a question. All the other players write down their answers, and the answers are read aloud by the previous roller.

It is up to the current roller to guess who gave which answer. The roller advances one space for each correct match.

There are also "Reversal" spaces, where the roller will write an answer down, and the other players must guess what he or she wrote.

The first player to land on the Win! Space and match every player's answer correctly, wins the game.