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  • LEGO Racers Crazy Demon
  • LEGO Racers Nitro Predator


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What It Is

Get racing with LEGO! LEGO Racers are racecar toys built for serious fun! These cool vehicles combine classic car play, which boys love, with simple but engaging building and tons of collectible appeal.

Tiny Turbos racers are packed in handy tire-shaped cans so kids can take build-and-race fun anywhere! These make great stocking stuffers, party favors, and travel toys, and each set comes with instructions to build a unique car.

With Power Racers, kids build the car, attach the launcher, stomp their foot, and watch the cars go! Four cool new sets come with instructions to build the racer, plus combo instructions to build ultimate stunt cars.

Racing speed takes to three real-world scenes complete with obstacles thanks to the Fold-out Tracks. These build-and-race tracks are perfect for travel as builders unfold the packaging to reveal a plastic racetrack. The tracks come with Tiny Turbos racers for kids to build and race.