Dairy Queen Blizzard Maker

from Spin Master



Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Turn your home into a Dairy Queen with the Blizzard Maker! This delicious dessert maker lets you make your very own Dairy Queen ice cream treats right in the comfort of your home. The Blizzard Maker comes with everything you need, including three ice cream dessert mix packs, three candy toppings, spoons, a Blizzard cup, an idea/recipe book, and an extruder to pour the ice cream. Just add half and half cream, ice, and salt, and the Blizzard Maker pours out ice cream just as though you were in a real Dairy Queen! Add some of the included toppings or try out your own creations. The Blizzard Maker is quick and hassle-free. It can even be put in the dishwasher for fast and easy cleaning.

Kids will love making their own delicious treats with this easy-to-use kit. It has all the fun of a trip to DQ without actually making the trip.

Food toys are a big trend right now, and all of the products we've reviewed have carefully listed any potential allergens. However, you'll want to check.

And while kids are making sweet desserts, the helpings are very small, so as an occasional treat, they're probably okay. The fun is more in the making; the eating is just a bonus.