Mighty Beanz

from Spin Master



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What It Is

A major hit when they were first introduced, Mighty Beanz are back again, hoping to attract a new generation of kids with their whacky, collectible and crazy play.

What Bean Team are you on? Take sides with Mighty Beanz-zany and eccentric "bean" characters. Each Mighty Bean belongs to a specific Bean Team and each Bean Team has a rarity level-common, rare, and ultra rare-to signify their collectible play value. There are 20 different Mighty Beanz Team Themes, including zoo, prehistoric, music, fast food, space, sport, and fantasy. Mighty Beanz move using a wacky, unpredictable, and unique movement. Collect all the Beanz to play games and race!

Mighty Beanz are available in three- and six-packs. To add to the fun, the Mighty Beanz Flip Track lets kids flip and trick their Mighty Beanz. The track folds for storage and comes with a belt clip so kids can take their Beanz everywhere they go.

For the ultimate collector, there is the Mighty Beanz Collector Case. This case lets kids show off their collection of Mighty Beanz. The case holds up to 50 Beanz and comes with two exclusive Mighty Beanz.