Bella Sara

from Jakks Pacific



Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

"Conventional wisdom" used to be that only boys liked playing with trading cards. But that's because the games were all about power and conflict and things that traditionally appeal to boys. It's not the cards; it's the game, as Bella Sara, the magical horse-themed trading card game, has proven. With the right look, the right gameplay and a theme that they love, girls are into trading cards just as much as the boys.

Bella Sara is now the top-selling, girl-focused trading card brand, offering girls collectibility, games, and online play along with positive messages, such as "Believe in yourself," printed on every card.

The magical world of Bella Sara now comes to life through a variety of collectible Bella Sara horse figures. With an ever-expanding cast of magical horses, girls will want to collect these toys right along with their trading cards. The Bella Sara Magical Horse is a five-inch figure without wings, while the five-inch Winged Magical Horse features wings.

Bella and Belissa Mom & Babies is based on the best-selling Baby Bella card series. These beautiful mom and baby figures feature magnetic noses so Bella and her daughter Belissa can sweetly kiss each other.

These will appeal primarily to fans of Bella Sara, at least at first. However, the horses are so beautiful and well-designed that it's likely the toys will attract more girls into the Bella Sara universe.