Glow Explosion

from Crayola

Product Information

  • Glow Explosion from Crayola
  • We recommend this product for ages 6 and up

What It Is

Kids love getting creative with their coloring, but when the lights go out, creativity is left in the dark. Not anymore! Crayola's Glow Explosion markers and paper system lets kids create drawings with radiant colors-similar to those that they know from glow sticks. But that's just the beginning of the magic. Color over any part of the picture you want to see glow with the Glow Activator and then turn out the lights. Drawings will light up like a neon sign and glow in the dark for up to four hours. Glow Explosion comes with 20 sheets of Glow paper, five Glow markers, and one Glow Activator marker.

This is a great new innovation on a classic play pattern with a magical twist that will engage and delight kids while fostering open-ended play and creativity.


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