Velcro Kids Playsets

from The Velcro Companies



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What It Is

Parents probably know it best as the fastener on little kids' shoes, bags and other accessories. Velcro has had a long history in consumer products since its invention in 1941. For many kids securing something with Velcro is their first "I can." As in "I can fasten my shoes." Easy to use and familiar, everyone appreciates its utility, but it's most likely not something anyone would consider "fun." And certainly not a toy.

Well, think again because Velcro is the "magic ingredient" in an innovative new toy line that combines the advanced technology (It's a lot more complicated than you might think.) with classic play. Called Velcro Kids, this is a line of themed playsets that enables kids to create their own three-dimensional worlds using Velcro.

The playsets are customizable scenes that are constructed using a variety of wall and floor pieces. Each double-sided, fabric-covered piece is made of durable, rigid foam and features printing on both sides. Pieces are assembled quickly and easily thanks to the new, innovative hook edges, which touch-fasten walls to floors. This unique touch assembly makes it effortless for kids to change placement of the walls on the floors so they can create a variety of play spaces on their own. Have a ball with the Royal Princess Castle Fantasy Deluxe Playset, take tea time with the Royal Tea Party Fantasy Playset, or set sail on a pirate adventure with the Pirate Ship Adventure Deluxe Playset. These are perfect for inspiring kids' imaginations and hours of open-ended, narrative-based play.

Each themed playset comes with tear-resistant accessory pieces (characters, decorations, etc.) that feature HOOX, soft-touch Velcro micro hooks, on the back. This allows kids to easily dress, decorate, and play with the accessory pieces and play spaces over and over again. Even young kids will find the sets easy to work with and change as their imaginations dictate; they'll love having control over how their playsets look and being at the center of the play. They can build and decorate the playsets a different way each time they play, which is a great way to get their imaginations working!

Grandparents will probably be reminded of paper dolls, but these sets are durable, engaging to play with and very handy to store when play time's done.

The combination of a timeless play pattern with all the virtually invisible technology of Velcro makes a "wow" toy that kids will love. It's great for play dates, children of different ages playing together and parents playing with kids.