Polly Pocket Tropical Splash Adventure Playset, Boat, and Dolls

from Mattel


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  • Polly Pocket Wall Party Mall on the Wall
  • Polly Pocket Wall Party Candy Shop
  • Polly Pocket Zipline Adventure Pool
  • Polly Pocket Wall Party Juice Bar
  • Polly Pocket Wall Party Tree House
  • Polly Pocket Wall Party Pet Park
  • Polly Pocket Cruisin’ Pet Spa
  • Polly Pocket Spin N Surprise Hotel
  • Polly Pocket Color Change Makeover


Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Polly Pocket and friends are headed to the water and girls can get in on the splashing good time with the Tropical Splash Adventure lineup of toys.

The Tropical Splash Adventure Playset is all about splash down fun and adventure. Start by winding the leaves up to the top of the palm trees and placing Polly and her pet monkey each in their own tree. Let go and Polly and her monkey friend will race down the palm trees! A dolphin leaps out of the water to indicate the winner. Girls can have even more fun by dipping Polly's hair into the water for a cool color change effect that gives her blonde hair a purple streak. The playset includes a pool, a Jacuzzi, a hammock, palm trees, a Polly doll, a pet monkey figure, and lots of island-themed accessories.

Whether on land or at sea, the Tropical Splash Adventure Boat is the perfect adventure vehicle. Polly sits comfortably in a chaise that doubles as both a captain's chair and driver's seat. The chaise can also be removed with Polly arrives at her island destination so she can chill out on the beach. A surprise flip-top ledge at the stern reveals a swing for Polly to relax on while at port. The boat even has a special place to hold Polly's surfboard. Girls will love that the boat really floats on water, making it perfect for the pool or bathtub! The boat includes a Polly doll.

Polly can't have a party on the water without her friends! Tropical Splash Adventure Dolls feature Polly and friends Shani, Lea, and Lila. Each doll is ready for adventure in beach-inspired fashions and accessories.