Barbie Loves Beauty Assortment

from Mattel

Product Information

  • Barbie Loves Beauty Assortment from Mattel
  • Part of the Barbie brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 3 and up

What It Is

Get all glammed up with Barbie through the Barbie Loves Beauty Assortment. The collection of beauty play products features three different Barbie dolls, each highlighting a dedicated area of beauty-Barbie Loves Makeup, Barbie Loves Hair, and Barbie Loves Nails.

With Barbie Loves Makeup, girls can get Barbie all dolled up, then add a little sparkle to their own lips with lip gloss. Barbie Loves Nails features color-change nails so that girls can give Barbie and themselves "pinktastic" manicures. Barbie Loves Hair lets girls clip, style, and streak Barbie's fabulous locks.

Girls love playing with makeup and beauty products, just like mom. With Barbie Loves Beauty, girls get the chance to experiment with beauty products on dolls, without using up mom's stash of beauty supplies.


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