Bocce Splash

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What It Is

The classic game of lawn bowling is all wet. Seriously. Dive right in to the new pool version of Bocce Ball-Bocce Splash! The classic land-locked game can now be taken to new depths! Instead of balls, Bocce Splash uses discs. Players take turns tossing the discs at the floating target. Scoring is similar to that of regular Bocce: the disc closest to the center target gets one point and the player with the most points after five rounds wins! However, because the target floats around, this presents an added challenge for players. Some discs might land on the water instead-with a splash! The game includes four Bocce Splash skipping discs, a Bocce Splash target, and instructions. It is for one to two players. Challenge a friend or family member to a game or practice skipping discs on your own to build up your skills.

Bocce Splash is a fun way for kids, and adults, to get exercise while in the pool because it involves throwing and swimming to retrieve the discs. It's also simply a fun pool game and a way to get kids having fun outdoors.