Model Magic Presto Dots

from Crayola


  • Model Magic Primary Colors


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What It Is

Add a new dimension to art with Model Magic Presto Dots! Using Crayola's Model Magic, a soft and squishy air-drying modeling material, kids can make playful pals that pop out!

The fun begins by covering a plastic base with Model Magic. Using the easy-to-use Presto Dot tool to "capture" just the right amount of Model Magic, kids can begin to build their character. (The tool comes with an insert that scoops up a round ball of Model Magic, about the size of a marble.) Press the "dots" onto the Model Magic-covered base and they will stick! Continue to place, press, and pop colorful Model Magic dots with the tool and watch the 3-D character come to life!

Kids can make a variety of Presto Dot characters. Single-character kits come in two assortments-kids can make a sheep, panda, or mouse with one or a puppy, bunny, or hedgehog with the other. A deluxe pack is also available with enough materials to create two characters, an additional star-shaped tool insert, and idea starters for more open-ended creativity. All the kits include Model Magic in a variety of colors, a Presto Dot tool, and a character base and armature.

Unlike other modeling doughs and materials, Model Magic air-dries within 24 hours (no baking in the oven or a kiln required) and kids can keep their creations forever! The material won't crumble or cling to skin and clothing, making for easy cleanup.