Crayola Beginnings Bop & Color

from Crayola

Product Information

  • Crayola Beginnings Bop & Color from Crayola
  • We recommend this product for ages 9 months and up

What It Is

It's never too early to begin your child's creative education. Just give them a crayon or anything and watch them go. Of course, handling those may not be really easy for the youngest kids who don't have the coordination or the fine motor skills yet. That's where Crayola Beginnings can help. These products inspire babies 6-36 months to express themselves with age-appropriate creative activities designed especially for them. Even babies too young to hold a "grown-up" crayon can use their natural motions to manipulate color, which helps them develop important motor skills and help them understand that they can make things happen all by themselves.

Introduce babies to color with the Crayola Beginnings Bop & Color. Babies will giggle with delight as they push a button to color a car red, turn a dial to make a tiger orange, flip a switch to tint a frog green, and pull a lever to make a cell phone purple! Each time a picture pops up, it makes a unique sound, so as babies learn to push, pull, dial, and press, they hear sounds such as "toot toot car!" and "ring ring phone!" The pop-up pictures are easy to reset so that babies can play again and again. This is a fun way to help babies understand cause and effect, as well as develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Parents will appreciate that Bop & Color allows babies to use their senses and natural motions to explore color.


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